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Johnny Flowers
Studio 119


       Johnny Flowers, a native of Buffalo, New York, began creating art in high school drawing tattoo designs for fellow students. During college, Johnny found a tattoo machine in his hand,  and never looked back. For the next 12 years he managed to build a tattoo following, win awards and become co-owner of 125 Art Collective, one of Buffalo's premier studios, along side his mentor, Ted Hawkins. Doing this while working another career full-time, Johnny had a choice in 2022 before Ted retired from tattooing and headed back to his home in California. "I know what had a leash on me for so many years not becoming a full-time artist. I don't regret any of it because of the people I got to meet. The jobs served their purpose, it was just time for me."

     After Ted's departure to California, Johnny has decided to re-vamp the tattoo studio as his own. Studio 119 has become the epicenter for Johnny's creativity. Focusing on black & Grey realism, portraits and mixed media art. Here you will find inspiring factors throughout Johnny's career. From his published book of drawings "Circle the Wagons" to award winning realism tattoos.



Artist Statement

 As a mixed media artist and business owner, I am consistently inspired on a multitude of different levels. From Warhol and Watts to Hawkins and Hurtado. Divulging in pop culture art, the fine art of tattooing and bringing art to life directs me to the realm of realism focal points. Ranging from black and grey to pastel palettes, I use all my areas of study interactively with each other. I find the techniques very harmonious and able to refer to one another. My work combines the cross study of my desired fields along with the perspective to learn and grow. It is my goal to create fine art both on the body and canvas while continuing to advance my skill set.

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